4 Legged Walking Robot Workshop

Learn to create this amazing 4 legged Walking Robot that will walk, move and dance on your commands.
Get new product or service ideas by hearing about needs in your industry and develop a connection that might help you with future employment.
Why Walking Robot Designing:
 Walking robot can move over terrains (Uneven Surfaces)  Military robot for transportation of arms and ammunition  As a Locomotive in terrain region where wheel vehicles can’t be used  Remotely controlled mini walking robot can be used for spying  Make idea into reality Workshop Highlights:  Learn Robotics to control motion  Programming of motion into a robot  Understanding various 4 leg creatures walking pattern  Implementation of leg motion based on angles to servo motors  Motion Planning for different motion like, forward, backward, left, right, rotate, bend down, stand up, etc  Embedding Intelligence in robot interfacing sensors with the robot  Building the intelligence in robot to avoid obstacles. Want to organize this workshop at your institution or any further details, call or whatsapp us now without any delay at 9911330807, 7065657373 or write us at htindialabsworkshops@gmail.com