Google Maps finally introduces the feature you've been waiting for - Making the most out of your long journeys.

Google Maps has recently introduced the feature that many of us have been waiting for: the ability to make stops. 
This useful function has been available of Android for a few weeks, and has proved the perfect aid if you're planning a long trip and want to make a few stops to either refuel, or simply take a breather. During your planned route, Google can help you make the right stops in the best places, and can even recommend anything worth doing or seeing in the surrounding area. 

How it works:

When planning your car route, Google can suggest places such as the cheapest place to buy gasoline, nearby service stations and even popular tourist attractions.You can plan your journey so that it works automatically, allowing Google to alert you when you get close to any of the stops you have planned on route. 
This option is great if you have a hefty car journey ahead of you, and will also surprise you with things you may not have even been aware  of before setting off.Anything to make journeys much more bearable eh?