Cyber Crime With Reference To Social Media

Social Media and Cyber Crime words that we don’t correlate quite often but they have a connection deeper than we understand. It’s not that social media is a complete NO – NO, on one side it can do wonders and on the other it can make you wonder horrendously, it’s a double edged sword, with one end stronger and sharper than the other one, the latter one I believe. Now, let’s move over to its other half Cyber Crime, you must have heard about it, read about it or even talked about it, you may associate cybercrime with money theft and identity theft, but it’s not all about theft, to mention a few Hacking, Cyber bulling, Defamation by morphing and terrorism are a part of this swamp. Where most of these can breakdown one’s moral or self-esteem, the last one is capable of harming national security, there are hundreds of site regarding terrorist and terrorism which not only provides people with the updates about their activities but also acts as a recruiting agency by brain washing the tender minds. Now coming back to the topic why is cybercrime associated with social media, because every wants to kill a sitting duck, it’s too easy to trap people because of booming social media popularity, the obvious social media addiction, the vast transition from emails to social media and lastly rising usage of social media over smartphones and someone once said “the information is as good as its source” and what’s a better source to know about a person straight from himself. Posting your photographs on Facebook or updating your status about the places you visited or are going to or tweeting each and every thing every now and then your twitter handles is what makes you susceptible to cybercrimes. In this tech savvy generation as we are moving on we are losing something behind us may it be the real connections, the joy or the power of one’s presence, and there’s even a possibility that at which speed we are moving PRIVACY can became a myth.