Enter VR today with these five fantastic apps

Google’s affordable virtual reality option - and here are the five best apps we tried for it.

An obvious place to start once you have your headset is with the official Cardboard app. This primes your device for the head-wear and offers a handful of demos to get you hooked. It’s a great beginning to your VR journey – though its gesture based navigation can be tricky.


If you are sat there wondering what VR apps to download, the odds are you already have one: the official YouTube app. That’s right, there are huge number of videos out there that offer a full 360 degree experience, allowing you to view them from any angle you like. 


Vrse offers a selection of video experiences that are designed from the ground up for the immersive platform. Videos are custom shot with high fidelity professional equipment, ensuring spectacular visuals with dynamic stereo audio that moves with you to give an unprecedented sense of realism.

Sisters & Insidious: Chapter 3 

Don’t believe that a phone could ever really create an immersive experience? Then here’s a challenge - turn down the lights, get a good pair of head phones, and play Sisters, the tense horror story that will have you constantly thinking there is something behind you. And, if you make it through that, you can try Insidious: Chapter 3 a creepy app to promote the film.


The New York Times has always been quick to adopt new technologies, a trend they have continued with the NYT VR app. This app provides a novel and visually appealing way to view reports New York Times content within Cardboard’s virtual environment. It seems to be doing well to, so expect more companies to adopt this strategy soon.
If you think we missed any great apps on our list, let us know in the comments. See you next time.