A day without Smartphone...

I recently had an opportunity (yeah I would like to call it an opportunity) to live without the technology which encloses our life : Smartphones. Just imagine the horror of waking up one day and realizing your smartphone is not functional anymore. It is not working. Damn !! You couldn't even call anyone or text anyone. Rather I would say whatsapp anyone or viber anyone. No facebook , no TOI app. You suddenly feel delirious and detatched from the world. You start questioning the very existence of friendship and fun people have by having virtual convos. 

As the days pass , you start noticing the nature, people, actually start hearing what a person is saying, beauty of human behaviour, animal life, everything! To be true I still had access to facebook through laptop to stay updated with stuff ( I know this sounds creepy but its the truth). For my calls I used an old nokia phone and whoever saw that phone used to exclaim "OMG from where did you get this... I want this phone... It's battery life is good... It doesn't even get damaged... Are you thinking of selling this... " I know all of these sounds melodramatic, but, trust me! These were the actual reactions of people when they saw the nokia phone! 

People became nostalgic after seeing that old phone. Obviously I also used to get a lot of remarks k yaar ab balance nai h jyada tu phone ab lele, teko call krke har chiz btane k paise nai h bhai. 

I realized that we are so goverened by our smartphones to have a so-called 'social life' that we actually stop meeting, calling, spending time with each other which actually makes the bonding stronger. Everyday we check our phones before even getting up from our beds and phone is the last thing we use before sleeping. It has become a common sight that a group of friends are hanging out but they are not talking to each other but ogling at their smartphones screens. 

I dont deny the usefulness of smartphones , I actually had to buy a new one within 15 days to make people believe i belong to this planet. But those 15 days I spent with the old nokia phone taught me to value the moments that we spend with our loved ones because as soon as you say byee to them, you have to wait to see them and hear them again. Also we should cultivate the hobbies that we love so much but don't pursue because we claim shortage of time. It taught me that outside our whatsapp groups there is a family that needs your care, attention, love and time as well. 

This is an era of development and to live without gadgets does not seem a good idea, but staying strong from our roots is the right way to go. And if you don't agree with what I just shared with you I request you to take the 15 day 'No Social Connectivity Challenge' -only calls allowed!! ;)