8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google Cardboard for FREE

                    Google Cardboard is helping to bring virtual reality to the masses. Here's a taste of what it will let you do on your Android phone.
Back in 2014, Google unveiled Cardboard. The idea was to make virtual reality (VR) affordable and accessible to anyone with a smartphone. They released the basic specs that would allow practically anyone to to create their own VR headset or software. If you really want to, you can find the designs online to make your own VR headset at home, but there are also plenty of retailers selling them.
VR lets you experience content in 360 degrees rather than on a flat screen that we are used to. This makes it a much more immersive experience, and also unlocks a whole raft of new possibilities for developers and designers to tinker with.
To get involved in the VR revolution, you’ll need a device that is using Android 4.1 or later. Then, just download the Google Cardboard app from the Play Store, pop your phone into a headset and off you go to explore the maze of new games and experiences now open to you.
The following are just a few of the many, many things you can do with Google Cardboard.
 Explore the world
Google Streetview lets you go nearly anywhere on the planet, which was cool enough before, but now you can go there in VR and really take a look around. Visit your old school for a blast of nostalgia or teleport yourself to the other side of the planet. Get the Streetview app from the Play Store.
 Explore your own brain
It's quite a short game but InMind VR is definitely worth a play. This app has your exploring a VR version of the human brain, looking for the faulty neurones that are causing a problem.
VR lets you get inside your own brain
 Fight against the Empire with Star Wars VR content
Tying in with the release of The Force Awakens, a whole lot of bonus promotional content was released. Included in that was the chance to take on the challenge of working for the Resistance on Jakku. This is an absolute must for Star Wars fans.

Watch videos in 360 degrees

YouTube has been quick to jump on the bandwagon and offers an ever increasing selection of 360-degree videos. These videos take YouTube to a whole new level. You can now look all around you as the video is playing. You may want to stop and rewind a few times so that you can look at everything. The 360-degree tour of Google's own data centre is highly recommended.

Capture and share your own 360-degree photographs

If you've ever taken a panoramic photo then you’ll find that taking a 360-degree photo works in a similar way. Instead of turning the camera in an arc, you turn it in a full circle instead. Google'sCarboard Camera app will put it all together for you and even captures sound, too. It's like being able to step inside your holiday photographs.
Take a full 360-degree picture
Fly through outer space
Vanguard V has you piloting a spaceship through an asteroid field in space. It feels like an old-school arcade game but with a new twist, thanks to the VR aspect.
Explore space in virtual reality
Escape the world and unwind for a while
The immersive nature of VR is what makes it so great. It's a simple concept but this app,Lanterns for Google Carboard, is really quite relaxing. Just enjoy watching lanterns floating over calm water and forget the real world for a while.

Create your own VR masterpiece

Budding artists can paint in three dimensions by using Tiltbrush Gallery, which then lets Carboard users explore the artwork from all directions. Google has also created the Cardboard Design Lab to teach people the basics of creating their own VR games and experiences.
Learn how to create your own VR software