The app with more downloads than Facebook - and it's only 1 MB in size.

Facebook Lite (the less heavier version of its parent app), was launched in 2015 and is nowOFFICIALLY the  fastest growing version of Facebook,  now receiving over 100 million new active users each month.

The Android app is now available in 150 countries and 56 languages, with the majority of users coming fromBrazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines. It was initially launched with the intention of providing efficient access to Facebook users with either olderdevice models or slow connections. It only uses up 1MB, and consumes much less data than the bigger app. 

Since its launch, the app has introduced various new multimedia functions similar to those of the “full app”,  such as the ability to upload multiple photos, photos with zoom, emojis and even video compatibility (although with EXTREMELY low resolution!).  Facebook is currently working on a “Watch Later”option which allows you to download videos in the background, and well, watch later!

The reason behind the success of this app is simply down to its ridiculously low use of data. Many of us are scared to even open theFacebook app when not using a WiFi connection, as we know those self-playing videos and Location settings eat up our megabytes like there’s no tomorrow. If you're one of those people, then maybe this app is for you. You can even have both versions of the app for every connection possibility!