Online Sites-Overloading Challenges (Auto Scaling)

Auto scaling is a step towards digital convergence. Elasticity is the main attribute in the context of cloud computing and scalability is the key benefits provided by cloud. The enterprise application that use cloud network need a quality of service bond between client and cloud service provider. Backup path, scalability & availability of service necessity for deployment of any application on cloud. Auto scaling technique ensures the QOS agreement between client & service providers. One can define auto scaling as the technique used to full fill requirement of on demand resource allocation when incoming traffic is increased and remove extra free resource when application is not having peak load means scaling up & down the system. Here no human intervention is necessary.

Doesn’t it sounds amazing—no more overloaded websites. Just stick your site into the cloud. You just pay for what you use and you are happy.

 Auto-scaling takes advantage of a critical feature of the cloud called dynamic scaling. Dynamic scaling is the ability to add and remove capacity into your cloud infrastructure on a whim.

 So no more disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, or malicious competitors.