Messenger's hidden secret that will make your day! - Another awesome hidden feature to pass the time....

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to waste any more time on Facebook – they go and give you another reason to be counter productive. Welcome to Facebook’s new basketball game on Messenger!
This awesome new feature was introduced on both iOS and Android versions of the app, which you will need to update if you haven’t yet done so. 
The concept of the game is very similar to that of the “Paper Toss” app (for those of you who are familiar with it), and involves simply flicking a basketball into the hoop. If you miss a shot, your score is reset; the hoop will begin to move around once you score ten or more. For sure it's something that'll get you hooked! 

How to play:

1.       Update the app.
2.       Open a conversation and send the basketball emoji (you can even send it to yourself).
3.       Tap on the emoji once to automatically start the game. 
You can also compete against whoever you decide to send the basketball emoji to! Enjoy!