Google Drive’s awesome new function - A Must try

Google Drive has a new function which allows you to apply an expiration date – meaning now you can share your documents for a limited time only. Your presentations, paperwork and spreadsheets can all be open to certain users, until you say so! It’s the perfect feature if you need somebody to check over your work, but you don’t want it to always be available to them.
To enable this feature, you simply have to share a Google Drive document as you usually would. Once you have selected the name / email of the person you wish to share it with, aclock symbol will appear. By clicking on the clock, you can set time limits on how long your selected users can access your files.
For the time being, this option is only possible if you are allowed to see or comment on the document. It is not available if you have been granted full editor’s permission. Google is currently working on this and we have no doubt that it will be available soon!