Get ready for WhatsApp’s “darkest” change yet!

Get ready for WhatsApp’s “darkest” change yet!
It’ll soon be time for another round of updates on the world’s most popular messenger service, and thanks to the constant discovery of new beta data, we’ve learned of a new feature that should be coming our way shortly.
According to the website Android PoliceWhatsApp will soon be offering text formatting (such as the ability to change your text using italics and bold).  We can only presume that WhatsApp’s reasons for implementing this, is to not fall behind their rivals, such as Slack, who already offer this function.
In order to use this new feature, you will only have to put the text you wish to appear in bold between *two asterisks*, or _two underscores_ for italics. Of course, we’ll have to wait a little while longer to see this feature arrive to all handsets, but as WhatsApp seem to working flat out on new updates, we hopefully won’t have to wait that long.
There are also other improvements we can expect to see with regards to the latestdocument sharing feature on the platform. When attaching a document, we can now see a “Browse other docs” option which allows you to browse your Google Drive andMicrosoft One drive accounts. It is however still worth remembering that you can currently only share PDF versions of the documents.
Stay tuned for more WhatsApp updates!