Android vs iPhone - the most ridiculous (yet logical) reason you should choose Android!

The never-ending battle of iPhone vs Android

There are so many different factors we need to take into consideration when deciding which phone to buy. Size, performance, camera - these things all matter, however Android Help has recently revealed something that maybe you didn't think about - something that may just help make up your mind a go down theAndroid route. 
Although this factor may be silly, when you actually think about it, it's something that can affect our daily lives.

It's all about volume.

Without a doubt, Android has a much better alarm system. But why? 
In order to change the volume of your alarm on iOS, you need to alter the main volume control, which affects any call volume, notifications, etc. This means that you can't lower the volume of calls and increase the volume of your alarm, or vice versa. 
This limitation does not however, exist on Android devices. Mobiles using this operating system have independent volume systems, so you can easily adjust the loudness of your alarms, multimedia, notifications, etc, to suit your needs. 
So, do you think Android are ridiculous for making this distinction between the two? Perhaps a little, but then again, it proves that something so small can make your life a little easier - and that's what Android strive to do.