Whatsapp - the future of sharing documents ???

Big news! WhatsApp are finally giving us the privilege to share text documents as well as other files over the app!

This information has been leaked by a Reddit user going by the name CarbonAtom, who has recently explored the latest betas of the WhatsApp code. According to their findings, we will soon be able to share .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls files as well as others. This is great news for students and professionals who will soon be able to share classwork, documents and presentations using the communication tool we probably use the most!

Besides the file types, the Reddit user has also identified the icon WhatsApp will potentially use in order for you to share files with your contacts:

The launch date for this function is currently unknown, but rest assured, we’ll give you all the details as soon as more information is released / leaked!

Source: Reddit