What would you want to become in Life? - The Dilemma

Remember the times when teacher used to ask us what we wanted to become in life and we used to come with quirky answers like teacher, president, singer, doctor, pilot and so many self- made occupations? Now if you ask the same question to me, my answer would be, Umm.. Next Question please! 

Isn’t this a familiar situation with many of us where we are still ambiguous to what we want to do in or to be precise, 'with' our lives? The idea of having a concrete, achievable goal is firmly ingrained in our culture. It is because of this loophole in our society that some of us are burdened with forced aims, leading many of us nowhere. For those who have a deeply a convicted goal in life, good for you. But for the rest of us, it really shouldn’t matter. 

Obviously to be focused, having an aim may lead you to a successful life with all that you wished for. But for those in doubt, stay stout! Because your life is already destined to be in a certain way and you will reach where you have to. Maybe you are just filling up the blocks and one day the puzzle will make sense. To be in doubt is good for many reasons. Your perspectives become wide. It becomes more propitious to improve yourself, get better and better, as you walk on the path of uncertainty than to play safe on a known path which was never meant to be the one. 

Just remember to go with the flow and you shall find your final destination. And it’s okay if you don’t have firm goals, start with the smaller ones. For they will make you realize that the journey is just a learning ride with many ups and downs. In the process, if you fail, then do not let yourself down, maybe that’s not where you were meant to be. Something bigger and better might be waiting for you. In the end, it’s the path that you will cherish and not the destination.
P.S. "Stop finding the purpose and start feeling the purpose."