What can we expect from a world of 5G?

Although we are only in the midst of the 4G boom, the technology industry is already talking about its next big thing - 5G - something we can hope to enjoy in just four years. But how exactly will 5G affect our lives?
Nokia is due to divulge more detailed information surrounding the future of 5G at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, however they have already dropped a few hints about what we can expect from this technology and the kind of things it will enable us to do:

Navigate 1000 times faster than 4G

Yes, you read correctly. A 5G connection can reach speeds of around 30GB per second (1000 times more than your average 4G connection. This will give us infinite possibilities to video and chat in various ways straight from our smartphones.

Video multi-casting

Thanks to video platforms such as YouTube or on-demand television, we can enjoy various content in real time on our mobile devices. But what if we could see any music or sports event better than those who are actually present at the event?  The high speed of 5G will allow us to enjoy uninterrupted live video in 4K (HD of the highest quality) and with a multi-camera system that will allow us to change camera angles so that you are guaranteed the best views every time.

Self-driving cars

They have already performed the first tests of cars that drive themselves, but the current connection situation means that it’s not quite feasible to detect the potential dangers in real time. 5G would break that barrier and make the cars 100% connected meaning that this idea would no longer be a thing of just science fiction movies.

Advanced robots

Just like the self-driving cars, 5G allows interaction in real time with robots that will be able to perform multiple tasks, from highly complex medical operations to the more mundane tasks such as domestic services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is now available to everyone thanks to Google Cardboard (here we show you the best apps to make the most from Google Cardboard). Until now, virtual reality has been something you mainly have to enjoy alone, but with 5G connection however, VR will be available so that numerous people can enjoy it collectively.
Is there anything that excites you the most about this potential technology? Please let us know in the coments!