Goodbye Windows? Why Windows 10 may be the last operating system we see from Microsoft

It’s ever so possible that Windows 10 will be the final installment of the Microsfot operating system "series". What we're about to tell you is just a summary of an investigation that was recently addressed in a very interesting article by PC World.
Although Windows 10 has been applauded by both critics and users, Microsoft has realized that the operating system market is in the decline. Last year for example, Microsoft made$23.8 billion in profit, 5% less than its previous year. And yet, even after these announcements, the company’s shares were up 5%.
This is because Microsoft’s business in “the Cloud” is up 5%. The cloud-based subscription version of Office 365 for example, had over 20.6 million subscribers in the first quarter – an impressive 100% increase since the same quarter the previous year.
“The enterprise cloud opportunity is massive. It's larger than any market we've ever participated in" says Satya Nadella, CEO.
With all this rush, analysts have already started to speculate. Daniel Ives of FBR Capital Markets made a prediction: “We believe Microsoft is seeing a generally healthy demand on cloud and core enterprise build-outs and is slowly moving away from the PC environment, which clearly has massive headwinds." So could this really indicate the eventual disappearance of a Windows operating system? Better make the most of it while you still can!
Source: PC World